FortunatoOlio di Oliva Extra Vergine

The happiness of the Tuscan hills.

From the olive varieties Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio.
Grown at 450m above sea level. Carefully harvested by hand.

Gently cold extracted and filtered. Stored in stainless steel barrels and bottled by us personally.

Juicy light green, fresh, fruity, animating. Slightly tart texture.

To our olive oil in the store

The perfect finishof every Mediterraneanand alpine dish

Our olive oil Fortunato Extra Vergine is ideal for cold appetizers such as tomato with burrata, bruschetta, beef carpaccio, colorful salads – yes even to our beloved “sour Graukas” …

Drizzled over fish or grilled meat – it gives the dish a very special touch.